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Table 2: Respondents demographics The scores that male and female managers in Kuwait assigned to themselves are presented in table 3.

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Other studies indicate that male leadership style is the most effective approach Cooper et al. Are women compensated equally for doing the same job as their male counterparts? Women in Leadership Positions ……………………………………6 2.

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Statement of the Problem As women are confronted with having to contend with societal and cultural forces for her to advance professionally, there is an underlying competition that is created by this struggle for recognition as a leader in her own right.

These are all questions to ponder, even now in the year All 45 items were used to collect the data. Compounding this pre-set limitation on a woman's potential in the world outside the home is the double bind Jamieson, ; Catalyst, she is confronted with.

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To illustrate, the authors develop some differences between males and females, and discuss stereotypes of gender; at the end they explore possible reasons why women have difficulties in the workforce. Brewer, Women in business prefer to maintain a balance between work and family life, delaying, in some cases, their growth as business leaders. These include: "1 Polarized perceptions; 2 High standards, low rewards; 3 Competent but not liked" Catalyst, All of the survey participants are from Kuwait and from both public and private sector. A lot has also been written on perception about male or female leadership. She was well educated and worked as a CEO of a bank. According to outcomes of several research projects, male qualify as better leaders in terms of performance Schein, Essers and Benschopp, Words: - Pages: 19 Arab Women and Leadership Discussion According to the outcomes of this study, male and female leaders use the same behaviors and there are no major differences between male and female leadership style in Kuwait.

But it will explode one day, when the dissatisfaction could not be covered anymore. It included 1, companies that were founded with a social motivation, 1, with social goals, and 12, with policies to foster work-family balance.

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