What the dsm attempts to do psychology essay

Malle et al. Inunder the auspices of the Bureau of the Census and the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, the American Medico-Psychological Association now the American Psychiatric Associationfirst attempted the creation of a formal, standardized nomenclature of psychopathological conditions.

While the DSM and the related ICD system may be a flawed classification system — subject to biases and lacking empirical proof — it is likely to be better than anything else currently available.

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First, we examine the claim that DSM is atheoretical. Beck Depresion Inventory Manual.

What the dsm attempts to do psychology essay

This in turn will lead to a better interface for allocation of appropriate treatment. It could be that our current models of human psychology could be as flawed as the "four humours" model of medieval medicine.

The criterion of efficacy of the same medication in treating depressive symptoms regardless of context was one of the arguments on the basis of which the DSM-5 editors decided to drop the bereavement exclusion clause. The advantages of reducing the over classifications are fivefold: 1 a syndrome, being an aggregation of symptoms, creates a false relation between symptoms that are already heterogeneous themselves; 2 15 broad categories are functional: it results into a very heterogeneous group of clients within a category and thus prevents stereotypes and invites further personalizing of complaints; and 3 a dimensional measure of a symptom rather than a syndrome will correspond better with the client regardless of it not providing the complete picture.

Worshipping at the temple of reliability, the DSM criteria sets are as simple as they can be — a catalog only of what is the most surface and common in mental disorders.

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As you would expect, previous definitions described MDD as a persistent low mood, loss of enjoyment and pleasure, and a disruption to everyday activity. Hence the decision to define and categorize the different mental disorders solely on the basis of descriptive symptoms, without attributing them to any set of causes, whether internal or external, because this would imply a specific theoretical system.

The main criticism is that there is little in the way of effective treatment for MCD, but if people are diagnosed with the condition it may cause needless stress and anxiety.

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The DSM: mindful science or mindless power? A critical review