Unemployment and ill health correlation health and social care essay

Based on the work of the OECD, it appears that unemployment has a greater effect on the mental health of men than women. They reviewed 16 longitudinal studies published between and that looked at the effects on mental health, measured by standardized psychological tests, of moving from employment to unemployment or vice-versa.

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Down and out: estimating the relationship between mental health and unemployment. The poor not only seek less medical care; and this offers some more explanation for their increased probability of contracting chronic illness and other mortality causing morbidities; but they are least likely to purchase health insurance coverage.

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Those reporting insecurity at one point, but not both points, also experienced significantly more distress than those reporting secure jobs at both times. Breslin and Mustard separately examined the effects of causation from unemployment to mental health problems and of selection from mental health problems to unemployment.

Statistics from the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Statistical Institute of Jamaica[ 5 ] revealed that those below the poverty line sought the least medical care: One example is a review paper by Eisenberg and Lazarsfeld.

unemployment and mental health
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Unemployment and mental health