Transformational leadership advantages and disadvantages

Note that transactional leadership is more applicable in these circumstances.

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While transactional leaders do this by meting out rewards and punishments, transformational leaders do this by influencing the values and attitudes of others.

The MLQ test provides three outcome criteria. What these studies suggest is that the transformational approach enhances group creative and innovativeness but negatively affects such capabilities at the individual level.

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Through this process, they can do more than stimulate others toward success through their role-modeling. In some situations, followers may even rebel against the leader if they feel that they are being led in an immoral direction.

Advantages of transformational leadership in nursing

Advantages: Promotes Morale Through Better Communication One of the biggest issues businesses face is low morale, which usually occurs when the work environment grows stale, people are unclear of their job role or duties, or there's a lot of intra-group conflict. They tend to be values-driven and ethics-focused, which encourages the company's employees to stick to the straight and narrow and act in the best interest of the company and its wider communities. Enthusiasm is contagious. It is a leadership style which engages the full person. In other words, transformational leaders do not use their position to control others, but to inspire them. What this study suggests is that cultural context determines the applicability and effectiveness of the transformational approach. An organization managed by a transformational leader might fail to make fast and appropriate courses of action due to inexperience in prompt decision-making and problem-solving or overdependence on collaboration. If the processes are found ineffective and unhelpful in the quest to achieve a certain vision, then a transformational leader is willing to change the system. Also, it is counterproductive in new and chaotic organizations that lack established rules or experienced members. And since these leaders are believable and have the charm to entice others, decisions that are not in the best interests of the majority can be carried out and in the end, have negative implications.

A transformational leader will not pursue a task if they do not believe in the moral rightness of completing it. From Burns to Bass, the theory has been built around the idea of challenging and changing the status quo and thriving towards greatness.

List of Cons of Transformational Leadership 1.

Positive and negative effects of transformational leadership

Can Place High Amounts of Pressure on the Followers One of the advantages of transactional leadership, as well as an authoritarian style of leadership, is that they place the pressure and accountability on the leader. They are able to sell the changes, improvements, or expansion required because they already believe in the process. They are motivated to continue pushing on because they take ownership of the process which achieves outcomes. One of the main weaknesses of transformational leadership is that it's too conceptual and is missing the task focus that some employees need to guide them as they go about their duties. The outcome he eventually achieved, however, led his people away from moral betterment. If someone disagrees with the leader's vision for the organization, then he loses the ability to influence them, and he loses all his power. While they might not be as involved in decision-making as in certain other types, there is still the notion of being part of something. This feedback must occur frequently for it to be successful. The needs of individuals are often the focus of the leader instead of the needs of the team, which means one team member tends to receive more attention than others in this area. In order to do so, he or she would have to use influence and charisma and provide the subordinates with a clear idea of the vision or mission ahead. Assumption of Motivation This leadership style tries to let subordinates and followers feel that they have common goals that need to be accomplished. Therefore, we will also outline the downside to transformational leadership. Encourage others. Not Always Effective Transformational leadership style can motivate followers or individuals and even uplift the morale of people but this style is not applicable all the time.
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10 Disadvantages of Transformational Leadership