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Home Essays Themes in Mircea Eliade's Immersion causes the dissolution of forms.

the sacred and the profane

Eight days previously, he suffered a stroke while reading Emil Cioran 's Exercises of Admiration, and had subsequently lost his speech function.

Gregg February 7th Sacred and Profane Love also known as Venus and The Bride is a famous painting done by an idolized artist during the s named, Titian.

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Thus the whole of history becomes a theophany; every thing that has happened in history had to happen as it did, because the universal spirit so willed it. This is so because Homo Religiosus always views the world as revealing a sacred modality. The sacrality of woman depends on the holiness of the earth. The earth nourishes in maternal fecundity and sustenance. Instead, it means that religious behavior "says through its own language" that the world is as homo religiosus would see it, whether or not the real-life participants in religious behavior are aware of it. His dwelling is a microcosm; and so too is his body. But as we have had occasion to say more than once, it must not be forgotten that religious man of the archaic societies sees the world as fraught with messages. By this time I knew the world to which the drawing room belonged [ This is why the cosmos was imagined in the form of a gigantic tree

The "profane" space of nonreligious experience can only be divided up geometrically: it has no "qualitative differentiation and, hence, no orientation [is] given by virtue of its inherent structure".

There is an immense difference between the philosophical meaning of the Buddha's broken egg or the roof shattered by the Arhats and the archaic symbolism of passage from earth to heaven along the axis mundi or through the smoke hole.

We refer not only to the esthetic, recreational, or hygienic values attributed to nature, but also to a confused and almost indefinable feeling in which, however, it is possible to recognize the memory of a debased religious experience p Water too plays a symbolic part in human experience and although it has a powerful capability to destroy life, it also reiterates the cosmogonic cycle, especially with the practice of baptism where water renews life.

I would slip into it as into a fragment of time devoid of duration—without beginning, middle, or end.

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Myth as the repetition and imitation of divine models allows homo religiosus to 1 remain in the sacred, "hence in reality;" and, 2 sanctify the world.

Tiziano Vecelli, more commonly known as Titian, was a famous painter during the s whose mark in art history has, and will always live on.

Themes in mircea eliades the sacred

He was born around in Cadoe, Italy, to an un-artistic family consisting of lawyers. Yet the fact remains that, among symbols capable of expressing ontological breakthrough and transcendence, both Indian philosophy and Indian mysticism chose this primordial image of shattering the roof.

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The Sacred and the Profane: The Nature of Religion by Mircea Eliade