The black cat by edgar allan poe suspense irony symbolism essay

Many of his stories use certain styles of writing that affect the audience in different ways. Within the first three lines, Poe takes a glimpse into the mind of the narrator when he states, "Yet, mad am I not — and very surely do I not dream" He writes a first person account of how he has done something bad.

Even though the man deserved death for what he had done, he was given a gracious second chance and was saved in the end. By using various effects in his short stories, he draws his audience in and grabs their attention from the very beginning. The setting of the story is at a carnival where people are just being merry, getting drunk and having fun.

the black cat edgar allan poe theme

Poe effectively uses these expressions to cause each of his readers to experience a certain emotion or feeling while reading his stories.

This causes the reader to experience even more suspense and anxiousness by wondering what will happen to him. In this story, the narrator portrays a man who is fond of animals, had a tender heart, and is happily married.

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Plot, Irony, and Symbolism in "The Black Cat" Essay