The age to receive a drivers licence should be raised

Some teens may walk in the shadows of bad parents and may live in bad neighborhoods and can't do anything about it. One-third of the deaths in the age demographic occur in motor vehicle crashes each year.

Do we really want to chauffeur our kids everywhere, up until the point they graduate high school, go off to college, or even join the military?

Should the driving age be raised to 21 persuasive essay

If you give younger teens a chance to drive then they would drive and some will even make sure not to accidentally run a red light but if they delay until 18 then more said 18 year olds won't bother driving because what would be the point other than location. These could include making tests harder to pass, imposing a compulsory number of practise hours or legislating new restrictions on young drivers once they have passed such as not being able to drive at night. In addition, there are many pros to raise the age so why don't we try it? I'll gradutate high school at 17, so it would be nice to have a license before I graduate, so I dont have to worry about learning how to drive and take the test, when I am on my own. Arguments Against Raising the Driving Age Though the camp for raising the minimum driving age makes strong points, there are additional arguments in favor of keeping things the same. There are alternatives — such as making tests more rigorous Instead of simply raising the minimum age, alternative proposals could be made. Arguments for Raising the Driving Age There are some strong, data-based arguments to be made in favor of raising the minimum driving age. Should we penalize all teenagers for the mistakes of some? Drivers who are 16 also have the highest crash rate than any other age. In fact the younger the driver the more they learn. One final reason to raise the driving age is because sixteen and seventeen years old have little experience driving. Just because someone is young doesn't mean they are incapable of driving safe. This added pressure could make it challenging to manage the career responsibilities of the parents in a single-guardian home or one where both are working to make ends meet.

A lack of maturity does not factor into these situations because learning to drive is gained by experience. Limiting forms of distracted driving is also a good idea. The global standard for driving is 18, but in the U.

why the driving age should stay at 16

Two of your friends die on scene, and your other friend is seriously injured. Consider These Points Is age really the biggest factor to consider? Raising the driving age to 18 Raising the driving age to 18 Check out an article written by one of our students, Annisa Firly Ovila, about raising the driving age to 18 from The age has a lot to do with driving.

The elderly driving assessment form shall be developed by the registrar in consultation with the medical advisory board established in section 8C. If the driving age were raised from its current limits, then it would encourage young drivers to be physically active when they want to go somewhere outside of the home.

Seat belt usage is also lowest with teens, despite the fact that they protect the wearer, and they are required by law in many other states. This not only has implications for the human rights of young people, but may have further reaching impacts such as a hit on the economy if younger people find that their ability to work is constrained.

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Should we Raise the Legal Driving Age?