Surmounting a difficult problem


You deserve that! Rather than offer up excuses, I stayed up throughout the night and re-wrote the entire assignment on a friend's laptop. The interviewer knows that you worked on a team, so you don't have to stumble over your story or interrupt yourself to say "Of course, I was only able to solve the problem because of my amazing teammates.

surmountable meaning

Ripoll, D. Role of interchain interactions in determining the triple-helical coiled-coil conformation. From a skills perspective, a manager wants to hear proof that you can face adversity and still achieve your targets.

insurmountable meaning

Make Your Answer Relatable to the Role You Are Interviewing for At the risk of stating the obvious, pick an example relevant to the position that you are aiming for.

Rapaport, D.

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End of Script One thing that trips people up when they run into "Tell me about a time when" questions is that they may hesitate to share their most triumphant stories. Theochem — Backbone degrees of freedom for a perturbed -helix, Biopolymers SS PubMed Google Scholar Pepide Protein Res. You can't expect smart and thoughtful answers to generic questions like "Tell me about a time when you solved a problem at work. The key to smashing an interview and coming across cool and collected is all in the preparation. Keep in mind that every good story has three parts — the setup what was the situation — why did you have to act in the first place? If you want to build a team, you have to lay out your situation in a job interview and ask the candidate you're chatting with how they see your situation, and how they would approach the job. Have you ever been asked how you overcame an obstacle in an interview? End of Script See what you did there? Effects of pH on the conformational preferences of polypeptides, J. With recent developments, a computational treatment of the folding of globular proteins of up to residues is shown to be tractable. Palmer, K.

AIP Conference Proceedings, pp.

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Surmounting Indonesia’s education problems