Suggestions to improve industrial relation

how to improve human relations in the workplace

When employees feel like they can have an impact on the company systems and that management is really listening to them, employee engagement improves.

Including them in strategic decisions and getting their input will not only increase relations, it can also provide you with new insights and help you look at things from a different perspective. This instills a sense of responsibility, thereby reducing absenteeism and grievances.

Importance of industrial relations

This can be a key reason people may look to leave a corporation. Participative Management 5. Making this part of a weekly or biweekly check-in ensures that employees never have to go too long without praise. They want to work for companies that provide them with a clear career path and career development opportunities. Constructive Attitudes: Both management and trade unions should adopt positive attitudes towards each other. Widespread union management consultations and information sharing are helpful. Management should adopt a progressive outlook and should recognize the rights of workers. Through training, employees are more likely to identify with your company's goals, thus reducing potential areas of conflict.

They must ensure reasonable wages, satisfactory working conditions, opportunities for training and development, and other necessary facilities for labour. Similarly, labor unions should persuade their members to work for the common objectives of the organization.

Definition of Industrial Relations As per Dale Yoder Industrial Relations refers to the relationship between management and employees, or employees and their organization that arise out of employment. References 2 Reference for Business: Quality of Worklife About the Author Dr Jack Gordon, the Chief Technology Officer at Strontium Logistics, is a year veteran of the engineering and marketing business who favors stiff drinks, good debates and developing innovative digital marketing strategies to help companies grow.

Sound Personnel Policies: The following points should be noted regarding the personnel policies.

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7 Ways to Improve Employee Relations Within Your Company