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Convince your parents to allow you to stay at a friend's house. Write the general assignment e. Upper Elementary Prior to responding to a narrative prompt e. Finally, students will record all related thoughts around each topic idea.

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They also learn the parts of a spider. Middle School When responding to a persuasive prompt e.

Spider web artist

Why or why not? Once the web is finished, ask students to identify the triangles and non-triangles they see use two different colors to mark triangles and non-triangles Extension Activities Fill a bin with nonfiction books about spiders. When you have fully covered the web in paint press the construction paper to the web and carefully pull the web away. Main points branching from the prompt would include main ideas for each paragraph e. I'm Vanessa, a Pre-K teacher with more than 20 years of classroom experience. Templates for More Support For students requiring more support, provide a teacher-created prewriting web template. My kindergartner made several silly loop-de-loops on that one. Kindergarten and first-grade students can write a few words or draw what would happen with their web. Work with students to label the basic parts of a spider, and discuss what each part does to help the spider survive.

Color Code Main Points Use different colors to group main points or subpoints. After we use a tissue to smudge and blend the colours into the background to create a smokey effect.

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Add a smile with red paint or yarn.

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All About Spiders: A Creepy