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It was high, much higher than he could reach. I've just found 10, ways that won't work. This excerpt is one of the most memorable and poignant lines from Coleridge's famous poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

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The speaker simply says that he ate the plums which were in the icebox and asks for forgiveness from his mate; as his mate had been probably saving them for breakfast. Are you — Nobody — Too? Try, try again.

He put the birds softly, one by one, into their warm little home. Then they rode on, talking and laughing as before. Lincoln "I will put you in your own cozy little bed. Soon the three lawyers who had ridden ahead stopped at a spring to give their horses water.

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It consists of only two stanzas of three lines each. His shoes were covered with mud; he had torn his coat on the thorny tree. Lincoln joined them. They saw the mother robin flying about, and crying to her mate. These men were lawyers, and they were going to the next town to attend court. Aedh appears in several works by Yeats as a pale and lovelorn man. They did not seem frightened, but chirped softly, as if they knew they were safe. They'll die down there in the grass," said the third lawyer, whose name I forget. It can be seen as a note left on a kitchen table for a person with whom the speaker is living. Yeats was deeply in love with Gonne but she turned down at least four marriage proposals from him; and instead married Major John MacBride. But Mr. Then they rode on, talking and laughing as before. The principle is further illustrated in an old Abraham Lincoln anecdote his friends recorded about the time when he stopped to save a young robin. Literary scholars often cite the shortness of the poem to emphasize the deeper meaning in nature itself, that the readers have to find themselves.

He prayeth well who loveth well Both man and bird and beast. The four lawyers rode along, one behind another; for the pathway was narrow, and the mud on each side of it was deep. To a Child Small service is true service while it lasts: Of humblest friends, bright creature!

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Kindness to Animals Abraham Lincoln showing kindness to an animal by Anonymous. This old poem teaches the virtue of showing kindness and regard for all living things.

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5 Short Poems to Celebrate National Poetry Month