Servay first aid

Open the airway by placing one hand on the forehead to tilt the head back and use two fingers from the other hand to lift the chin. Airway Having a clear airway is the most important criteria for breathing.

You can watch this videowhich displays resuscitation of a drowning victim that is breathing agonally.


Introduction No matter what problem you are trying to solve, the most important thing is identifying the problem. Listen for sounds of breathing and see if you can feel their breath on your cheek. Can you hear me? Toes: Check their movement and feeling in their toes.

Before you conclude this assessment, you should talk to your patient about it if conscious.

first aid observation checklist

Pale, cold, clammy skin suggests shock. Hips and pelvis: Feel both hips and the pelvis for signs of a fracture. Another cause of blocked airway can be external object such as piece of food. Chest: Check if the chest rises easily and evenly on each side as they breathe.

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Primary Assessment And Secondary Assessment Of The Casualty