Religion and happiness essay

Human beings are not happy by just being happy.

Religion and happiness scholarly article

If you have the wealth of a talent or skill and if you make use of it abundantly in your life, you will experience greater satisfaction than when you do not find opportunities to use it. You feel charged with energy and enthusiasm. I chose to examine this question from a purely psychological and scientific perspective. I see this as a strong reflection of the theme starting with F. Essay - Does God exist. Measuring happiness About two hundred years ago, a British philosopher felt that it was possible to measure happiness and quantity it by taking into consideration certain factors such as its intensity, duration, speed, certainty, purity, consequences and so on. Real and lasting happiness is an ideal that remain elusive for almost everyone. Our scriptures suggest that happiness can be experienced in the form of peace and stability by contentment, giving and remaining centered in our spiritual selves.

Staying in control of your thoughts and emotions. In class this semester, we have studied mysticism from different perspectives such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

Religion and happiness essay

Similarly, healthy people are more predisposed to be happier than people with chronic health problem. A world of scarcity is a world of misery. Acceptance: Making peace with yourself, accepting who you are and what you are, your abilities and limitations. Human beings are not happy by just being happy. From the perspective of science it is survival; from the perspective of philosophy it is finding purpose and meaning; and from the perspective of scriptures it is happiness in afterlife. However different and horrible as the lives of individuals seem to be, in actuality they are much better than ours are I like to solve problems, and explore every avenue of possibility when making decisions.

They may lead to light and wisdom or to darkness and ignorance. Letting others know that you need them and care for them. These findings indicate that genetic, chemical and biological factors may be behind much of our emotional behavior. Parents on average are less happy than non-parents.

The opposite is true in a country such as the Netherlands, where atheism is widespread. This is a fallacious belief.

happiness and religion
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