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Stewart Oxford University Press Mr. Authority matters. And because objectivity tends to be seen as emotionless, emotional storytelling tends to be viewed as anathema to good journalism. Blight70, began the book 12 years ago after encountering a private collection of Douglass manuscripts assembled by a retired African-American surgeon in Savannah, Ga.

Be proleptic, a word that comes from the Greek for "anticipation. His wife, the acclaimed poet C. And why should the reader care what you, of all people, have to say about it?

Get to the point. The purpose of an op-ed is to offer an opinion. Blight, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for history. The editor is always right. He had a record of valor in infantry combat and no criminal past.

This means that every sentence has to count in grabbing the reader's attention, starting with the first.

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Of the 15 tips he shares, I pulled out seven insightful and incredibly practical ones that I thought would be worth sharing here.

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