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CARAT is searchable by citizenship requirements, diversity, research abroad, deadline, stage of graduate study or stage of postgraduate career, and more. A written report, signed by the Advisor and GAC, should be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies detailing specific goals, a timeline for achieving those goals, and a projected defense date.

The student must call this meeting any time during the G4 year.

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It can often lead to a clearer formulation of the central question or argument, helping to assure that it is a workable hypothesis that can be documented. Paul A. The order in which you present your points should be a hierarchic order, with the most important items placed first, as early as the opening paragraph.

Once issued, you'll be required to petition the Administrative Board for petition to gain a second and final attempt at the thesis.

To constitute the committee, in consultation with their research advisor, students will propose at least three faculty members as candidates for their committees in addition to the advisor.

Under unusual circumstances, students may wish to change the membership of their thesis committee, for reasons including significant changes in direction of their research topic. Tuition To ensure affordability, tuition rates for thesis work are the same as our regular 4-credit, graduate-level courses.

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Unless explicitly told otherwise such as for candidates in the Sustainability programyou are not permitted to approach faculty about directing your thesis without an approved research thesis proposal and permission from your research advisor.

In many cases, the best presentation of the topic is found in a statement of what is missing in the literature. G5 Year: This meeting is optional. Students should keep in mind that their GAC members will be more familiar with them and their research.

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While it is generally assumed that the Faculty members serving on the GAC will transition to the Dissertation Defense Committee, this is not mandatory.

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