Oregon state honors college thesis

You are only required to complete one thesis.

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We no longer require submitting a bound thesis, it is now optional. Can I see what a thesis looks like? Abstract text: In words or less, describe the purpose, methods, findings, and conclusions of your research.

Oregon state honors college thesis

Defense date: The date of your thesis defense. No later than the first part of your senior year, you will register for and be graded in four to six credits of research , or thesis in your major academic department, an HC designator may be used as a default if no departmental designator is appropriate. Your entire committee including mentor are required to be present at your defense. In fact, you are encouraged to repeat the interview process with several faculty members to ensure a good match. What are the margin sizes? It led me to my career choice and helped shape my plans for the future. We will focus on the value of the thesis, what it takes to successfully complete a thesis e. Research institutions have oversight committees on campus to maintain vigilance over all research activity.

For spring graduates, if you delay graduation until summer term you may still take part in commencement ceremonies but your degree would not be conferred until September. Major: Use the official name of your major, which can be found in the updated OSU catalog.

The Student Multimedia Service team provides free personal design consultation and printing of the poster.

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The official name of your major may be obtained from the current OSU catalog. This task will help support you in the process of choosing a mentor and help you think about different mentoring styles. Clear communication and an agreed on timeline are key to a smooth thesis experience. Do not exceed words. Alternatively, the committee may recommend a conditional pass if relatively minor modifications to the thesis or project are necessary. This is the case regardless of the commencement ceremony you may participate in. Copyright page: This page is recommended. Task 2: Write a formal thesis proposal with a student-mentor agreement. This stage offers a framework for thinking about the thesis and possible paths to completion. The HC does not claim copyright on HC thesis projects. Honors thesis topics range from scientific research to artistic creations to service projects, so there's room for you to explore the subject that excites you the most, even if it isn't in your major. My mentor is in Bolivia at a conference, can I do my defense with her on speaker phone?

As an Honors College student seeking an honors degree, your thesis is the chance for you to showcase your intellectual and creative talents.

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Formatting Your HC Thesis