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It would be better to make your dissertation project a bit more specific, since you will just have no time to investigate a broad topic. With the lowering of mobile phone tariffs and the increased levels of Internet browsing using mobile phones, this medium has become increasingly important to marketers. Here are recommendations for the meeting: Bring a coffee for your supervisor. Manipulation tactics and consumer behavior: creating a desire to purchase. Your aim should also include or provide clear indication of the main theoretical concepts applied to your study. It depends on each project. What can be learned from past mistakes when word-of-mouth communications did not succeed?

But there is always a way to link to a current topic or adjust to find a middle ground. Hope so! Differences in male and female consumer making decision process.

The case of low and high involvement product categories.

Marketing thesis projects

Do you wish to investigate their post-purchase evaluations? Are consumers fully aware on how to safeguard themselves from underhanded direct marketing strategies? An investigation into online customer reviews. Menu Marketing Social Presence influences consumer behavior When purchasing products, buyers are influenced by references. Can effectiveness of advertising depend on a social network? As a result, we have been able to come up with high-quality standard green marketing topic examples that will show your commitment towards your academic excellence. The case of Amazon. Negative effect of advertising on teenagers. Service delivery and customer delight: project report restaurant chain In this project report we will study the effects of service delivery on customer delight, which is hypothesised to be among the predictors of repurchase intention. Make an effort of contacting us whenever you have challenges in identifying the best research topics in green marketing and we will end your worries. The case of buying computers online. You simply use keywords related to your context to start with. Such extensions include the need to take into account privacy, security, the greater ability to customise and personalise user experiences, the changing nature of consumer behaviour and the interaction of online and offline mediums.

This creates an ideal area to base your marketing dissertation on. As social media networks become more popular, a marketing dissertation in this area will be timely and in line with current marketing research trends.

Online marketing is a useful and current area of market research. By doing so you will familiarize yourself with what has been researched and identify research gaps.

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