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Certainly it was accepted by them, and it is women who must exert themselves to alter these things.

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Mahatma Gandhi was a Sanatani Hindu. On 30 MarchBritish law officers opened fire on an assembly of unarmed people, peacefully gathered, participating in satyagraha in Delhi.

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Hinduism with its message of ahimsa is to me the most glorious religion in the world -- as my wife to me is the most beautiful woman in the world -- but others may feel the same about their own religion.

He made his own clothes and lived on a simple vegetarian diet.

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I believe god would make me an instrument of saving the religion that I love, cherish and practice. Towards the end of their time together at Phoenix a middle-aged follower of Gandhi returned to the settlement from a trip to India bringing with him a newly-acquired child bride.

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Milk too, Mr Gandhi said, affected the 'passion' side of human life and thereafter milk was abjured likewise. Even though these contributions were written on different occasions, they present a useful glimpse of his rich understanding of Hindu Dharma. Then he came to the conclusion that onions were bad for the passions, so onions were cut out. It inculcates performance of duty irrespective of the consequences, for we mortals, limited by our physical frames, are incapable of controlling actions, save our own. Aryan scholars swore by what they called the Vedic religion and Hindustan is otherwise known as Aryavarta. Europe is today only nominally Christian. But Phoenix wasn't just about a group of like-minded people experimenting with living together as simply as possible. Investigation committees were formed by the British, which Gandhi asked Indians to boycott. I don't approach them with a critical mind. His first two wives died young, after each had given birth to a daughter, and his third marriage was childless.

He was also a highly accomplished sportsman who would go on to found the football club West Ham United.

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