Loneliness of the long distance runner

In close-up, Colin looks directly at him with a rebellious sneer, an expression that remains as the Ranley runner passes to cross the finish line to victory.

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As far as Smith is concerned, patriotism is another false idea concocted by the government to protect its own advantage, and life in the army is little different from life in prison. The same question — race to win or just run senselessly? It is overseen by the Governor Michael Redgravewho believes that the hard work and discipline imposed on his charges will ultimately make them useful members of society.

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There is virtually no hope of social change in the bleak universe that Sillitoe has created, but there does remain comfort in the affirmation of the individual human spirit that will not be broken.

Colin rebels by refusing a job offered to him at his father's factory. We learn about a life of poverty and crime in postwar austerity Britain, where clothes are threadbare but the rare successful "job" allows a few months of living like kings.

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As he says, "It's a good life, I'm saying to myself, if you don't give in to coppers and Borstal-bosses and the rest of them bastard faced in-laws. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. However, looking back on his actions, he has no regrets. Loneliness becomes a natural condition. This is shown interspersed with a series of flashbacks showing how Colin came to be incarcerated, beginning with one showing his family's difficult, poverty-stricken life in a lower-class district of industrial Nottingham , where they live in a prefab. Meanwhile, at home, his father's long years of toil in a local factory have resulted in a terminal illness for which he refuses treatment. As Smith says, "I knew what the loneliness of the long-distance runner running across country felt like, realizing that as far as I was concerned this feeling was the only honesty and realness there was in the world.

He is so full of rage that he deliberately makes a choice that is inimical to his own interests.

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The Loneliness of the Long