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Unfortunately, with the defeat of the revolution in Europe, Soviet Russia was isolated. To avoid this outcome they argued that the soviet should accept the programme and leadership of the Bolsheviks and dissolve itself into the party.

There are no two stages.

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Nothing else was possible. One cannot render a better service to reaction than by disregarding those limits and by making attempts at breaking them. At the beginning of March only about 40 of the delegates to the Petrograd Soviet were Bolsheviks. What is the nature of the revolution? The lessons of the April Theses have to be learned, re-learned and carried to class conscious workers throughout the world.

The matter that took up most of their attention was how to relate to the provisional government, not how to destroy it. Revolutionary democracy is no good at all; it is a mere phrase.

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The choice was always between class struggle and its own immiseration and exploitation. As already noted, it is true that the Bolsheviks at this time came to believe that the soviet had the potential to become the provisional government but they anticipated that the circumstances in which this would occur would be by a revolutionary overthrow of Tsarism led either by the liberals as forecast by the Mensheviks or by workers as projected by the Bolsheviks.

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In the space of a few weeks the whole of Russian society was turned upside down. It is in this context that he dismisses the April Theses as a mere transient dispute largely based on mutual misunderstandings. This perspective was never put to the test—no provisional government ever came into being during the Revolution. We must insist that we are Marxists and that we have as a basis The Communist Manifesto, which has been perverted and betrayed by the Social-Democracy on two important points: 1 The workers have no country; "national defence" in an imperialist war is a betrayal of Socialism; 2 Marx's teaching about the state has been perverted by the Second International. They still lack political experience. Was it an accident that, prior to Lenin's return, Stalin and Kamenev supported discussions with the Mensheviks on re-unification? Exposure in place of the impermissible, illusion-breeding "demand" that this government, a government of capitalists, should cease to be an imperialist government. The peculiarity of the present situation in Russia is that it represents a transition from the first stage of the revolution, which, because of the inadequate organisation and insufficient class-consciousness of the proletariat, led to the assumption of power by the bourgeoisie - to its second stage which is to place power in the hands of the proletariat and the poorest strata of the peasantry. In the soviets appeared as the last act of the revolution; in they appeared as the first act and never left. A break with the Mensheviks and the formation of a new Party to fight for power. Is it the working class in alliance with "progressive" elements of the bourgeoisie?
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V. I. Lenin: The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution (a.k.a. the April Theses)