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Feelings vanish, thoughts come and go. General incentives, such as self-improvement and a desire to memorialize passing days, gave diaries their universal appeal.

The very act of daily writing stabilized unsettled emotions and helped illuminate patterns within the seemingly chaotic flow of events. Sattelmeyer, Robert. Huff, pp. In this article, we look into the concept of a 5-year journal, the benefits of having one and suggestions on how to start your five-year journal.

They neglected their journals because illness, work, or indifference precluded writing. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, forthcoming. Ralph Waldo Emerson —for one, perceived unity in nature's disparate elements while studying and reflecting upon his journal.

Journey automatically synchronizes your entries so that every new data is added in a chronological order. By printing exceptional and curious diaries, or memoirs and biographies typically saturated with journal excerpts, publishers gratified American readers' craving for a glimpse of other people's lives.

It is no wonder that diary fiction was so popular.

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Diaries and Journals