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Australian Food News. Hershey operating model follows a single reportable segment in production and manufacturing, marketing and sales, operations, …show more content… Hershey is a widely respected brand name and as a fact is the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America and considered as global leader in chocolate and sugar confectionery. These people do not purchase anything without thinking; they first choose the best one and then buy it. Often selection at this stage is more straightforward. The company has not withdrawn any product from the market because of decline in life cycle. The main product lines include chocolate and confectionery products; food and beverage enhancers, such as baking ingredients, toppings and beverages; and gum and mint refreshment products. Technological The Hershey Company has a global supply chain. Hershey uses its financial resources for value enhancing strategic acquisitions. Employees As of the financial year ending December 31, , the Hershey Company had an approximated employee database of 12, full-time as well as over 1, part-time employees in the whole world. Now in-depth screening can begin. Socio-cultural Analysis — Consumers want a larger variety of chocolates and healthier alternatives to the traditional chocolates.

A SWOT analysis can be carried out for a product, place or person. Since Hershey produces chocolates obviously it will be consumed by the children as well and sometimes older age people too. All brands from the Hershey Company are sold in a highly competitive market alongside other several international, nationwide, and local firms.

The company has devoted all her substantial resources toward the recognition, improvement, production, testing as well as the marketing of the services. The business has plans underway for optimal inventory levels in addition to working closely with the clients with the aim of establishing rational delivery times.

In conclusion we can say that Hershey has already made history of success in chocolate manufacturing. A lot of the Hershey's opponents are much well-built companies with greater resources at their disposal in addition to enjoying a far more substantial global operation.

To ensure sustained revenue and profit generation, the firm continue steadily to sell products that appeal to both their customers and consumers.

There are other factors like ethical responsibility of the chocolate manufacturing company and corporate social responsibility affects the purchasing decision of the chocolate consumers. Retrieved January 14th, Hershey was found by Milton S. This survey used a questionnaire which mainly included questions related to the buying behavior of the consumers.

Consumers of Hershey have enjoyed the chocolates manufactured by the company and this is a big positive point for the company. Suitability, Acceptability and Feasibility for any recommendations The company has recorded excellent growth in its domestic markets. But first we need to understand the product and business of the company which is described below.

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Global Confectionary Industries: Hershey IMC Essay