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Statements describing what the learner will do as a result of instruction. The learners will be able to name at least two databases and two search techniques that they can use to locate medical evidence for particular cases. Students also are fascinated by the computer and all the entertainment it provides, thus making learning via this medium fun and exciting. Common sense weighs in on the side of learner-centered strategies. First, you should figure out what which delivery method will be best for your instruction. Then the teacher shows some examples of singular and plural nouns with power point presentation. The teacher will then call on different groups to give their answers. Brown v. All groups are expected to participate in the discussion and will earn participation points for their contributions.

The objectives statement should be formulated with verbs that pinpoint the learning objective. The majority of my students described themselves as predominantly visual or kinesthetic learners. Finally, the learners will participate in the final discussion, where they will add on to the list of discriminatory problems that existed prior to the Civil Rights Movement.

Gain attention Teacher shows the video in the class. Students will also be evaluated by grading the class work questions over the video. Also, the first few questions are out of chronological order.

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Present the Teacher shows the movie and students content discuss the story in group. PowerPoint Grading Rubric. Require Learner Participation Students will be placed into groups to complete the worksheet. This takes away from the more student-centered approach, where they should be relying on their own listening and viewing skills to find the answers. Learning Styles Students learning styles vary from auditory to visual and also kinetic learners. There should be a focus on those learner characteristics which are associated with the learning outcomes desired. Also, you should explain to the students what the benefits of learning the material are. Students will be actively involved, because the case is very emotionally charged. It explains one of the most important pre-Civil Rights era court cases, the Emmet Till case. You should be prepared to carry out the lesson with every prior step of the process in mind. Fancy tools are useful, but it ultimately boils down to having someone who knows more than what the textbook contains. Computer : A computer will be used to run the movie on the overhead projector. That means that by understanding where the learners are at the start of instruction, a teacher will make every effort to assist all learners to be successful in their learning endeavors.

A more sophisticated approach would require that students prepare questions and comments at home to bring into the class. My final area of importance in the design and implementation process to ASSURE good learning is the reflection component of evaluation.

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Prepare the environment: The classroom should be prepared by having the television and VCR plugged in and ready to go. Require Learner Participation Student participation in this lesson will include both large and small group activities.

The board should be erased and ready for discussion or the overhead projector should be wheeled out, prior to the start of class.

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ASSURE: Instructional Design Model