How the karen ethnic group changed my life

With memory of a horrible past and illusions of a better life, many are ill-prepared for a second life in the US. Ithaca, N.

Simon Saw recounts that the church began very modest as houses were primitive and people did not have access to electricity and water. Dudley ibid.

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Illness is the major factor inhibiting the growth of Karen children, both mentally and physically. Although the Karen schools were begun by missionaries, the Karen schooling system has not been as influenced by Christian education as many might think.

Karen culture and history

He is part of a whole community of Christian refugees who participates in the missionization of the Karen in Thailand. The military government pledged to quell rebellion and unify the country by force. I am interested how displaced Karen, crossing the border, in the competition between Buddhism and Christianity, depend on and are politically mobilized by religious networks as refugees. The granting of citizenship rights to poor Thai-Karen rather accentuated the gap to the fresh migrants. Despite its Christian leadership, the KNA sought to unite all Karens of different regional and religious backgrounds into one organisation. The control on the refugees by the Thai government has heightened and refugees are not allowed to leave the refugee camp. We have a case here not so much of evasion, but of the construction of Karen intellectual circles and publics and the imagination of Karen state spaces. First, while the Baptists constitute a very eloquent minority within the Karen population, the Buddhists are in the majority. Ethnic Groups in Burma. They join peasants in the remote hills who are also poor. The Constitution, drawn without Karen participation due to their boycott of the elections to the Constituent Assembly , also failed to address the Karen question specifically and clearly, leaving it to be discussed only after independence. While most of the villagers participated willingly in the campaign, some villagers did not want to catch too much attention from the Thai authorities.

Many scholars suggested that evangelical Protestantism is an attractive religious option for many marginal ethnic groups. Weddings are festive occasions when both the bride's and groom's villages come together.

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Tha Byu , the first convert to Christianity in , was baptised by Rev. Most of the settlers arrived here ten years ago from Burma. Karen elephant tamers "adopt" one elephant, train it, and take care of it for life. Their language does, however remain a feature of Karen cultural pride. A young man, Roger is not yet married. The granting of citizenship rights to poor Thai-Karen rather accentuated the gap to the fresh migrants. For flavoring, many people use monosodium glutamate powder, which comes from Thailand. Not only have met the refugees when they are in their weakest and vulnerable position, they also mobilize the refugees for their missions inside conflict zone across the border and for proselytizing on the Thai border. The Karen drum is a symbol of the culture. Another prominent example is the Free Burma Rangers. The families settling here grow rice on the hills, without having land ownership, but it is hardly enough. Thousands learn about their cultures as well as to read and write their own languages in refugee camps in Thailand. The eagerness of Karen Christians for schools for their children, the wisdom of the mission in helping to train pastors and teachers, and the policy of the British government of giving grants to qualified private schools all helped produce a system of hundreds of Christian village schools in Karen areas.

Three years later, after submitting a criticism of the Craddock Reformsthey won 5 and later 12 seats in the Legislative Council of expanded to members.

Confined to the limitations of the camp, pupils are taught effectively about a nationalist agenda developed by the Christian-dominated Karenni National Progressive Party KNNP. Christianity provides the ideological underpinning of Karen nationalism.

How the karen ethnic group changed my life

For much of this period, the KNU operated as a de facto government, controlling large areas of territory across the Karen State and its adjacent areas. The memory of that refugee camp in Thailand got me thinking about current stories of Muslim people, tens of thousands of them, fleeing abuse and oppression at the hands of the Myanmar army—fleeing to refugee camps in Thailand. After an uprising of the people of Myanmar in , known as the Uprising , the KNLA had accepted those demonstrators in their bases along the border. Another prominent example is the Free Burma Rangers. Karens often chew betel nut, which comes from a species of palm and is combined with leaves and lime paste; it is a mild stimulant and stains the mouth bright red. This has been changing as more Karen women have become educated and have taken noteworthy roles in fields such as teaching and health. Evangelical Christianity can thus be seen as a replacement to the dwindling homeland in South-Eastern Burma.
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Karen Education: Children on the Front Line