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Archbishop Kirill of San Francisco and Western America It is with the blessing of His Eminence, Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America, that I am here today, and I am indeed enormously grateful to him for this invitation, and honored to have this opportunity to speak to you in this significant anniversary year, when the th anniversary of the martyrdoms of the Holy Royal Martyrs, Emperor Nicholas II and his family—and other members of the Imperial House of Russia—are being commemorated.

Soon, because of Benckendorff, the saying that it was impossible to sneeze in one's house before it is reported to the emperor, became Benckendorff's creed. His health became the main focus of their lives. This led to the Decembrist Revolt on 26 14 Old Style Decemberan uprising Nicholas was successful in quickly suppressing.

The 11 bodies were hauled out of the house and loaded onto a truck. Nicholas II knew all of this history very well. That manifesto retroactively named 1 December 19 November Old Stylethe date of Alexander I's death, as the beginning of his reign.

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And Anastasiia was the winner of that contest. Better still, perhaps they would be allowed to retire to their estate in the Crimea, the scene of many happy summers. Accounts are conflicting, but most say that the tsar was the main target, and that he died from several gunshots.

Their main mission was to train a loyal, athletic, masculinized senior bureaucracy that avoided the effeminacy of office work. The second was the Saint Petersburg — Moscow Railwaybuilt in — England threatens Greece to support the false claims of a miserable Jew and burns its fleet: that is a lawful action; but Russia demands a treaty to protect millions of Christians, and that is deemed to strengthen its position in the East at the expense of the balance of power.

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The concessions that Tsar Nicholas proposed in the creation of the Duma enabled him to meet the demands of the liberals and peasants, the political satisfaction from these two groups played a role in the tsars survival of the revolution because it was a major elimination in the opposition to his rule.

But the succession system in Russia was something Nicholas II understood very well.

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