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Chapter 3.

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Cassina works in the contemporary furnishing industry. Prevention of a conflict of interests Executives and employees should not create a situation of conflicting with the Company and customers and, if such a circumstance occurs, must put the interests of the Company and customers first. Any violation of the provisions included in the Code shall therefore lead to an offence of disciplinary nature and, as such, shall be prosecuted and sanctioned by each Group Company pursuant to art. The Target is obliged to read the content and comply with the rules of the Code of Ethics. Contribution to Local Communities As a member of its community, the Group should actively participate in desirable activities for community services to make a contribution to enhancing value of the community and its constituents. The top management of each Group Company is responsible for the actual enforcement of the Code and its circulation inside and outside the Company. Chapter 3. Cappellini products are never dull or outrageous, rather there is always something light and alive about them, often full of a healthy sense of humour, or at times proposing daring and dynamic formal solutions: these are the features that make the Cappellini collection full of lively ruptures and contradictions. The Group condemns, therefore, the establishment of relations with subjects whose behaviour is not based upon principles of ascertained lawful and ethical conduct. Please insert a valid name Please insert a valid surname Email Please insert a valid email address Type of subscription Please choose a subscription type Private By registering, you agree the Privacy Policy by Poltrona Frau S. Conflict with the Code: Should even just one provision of the Code of Ethics be in conflict with the provisions of internal regulations or procedures, the Code shall prevail over these provisions.

PRINCIPLE 5: Each Group Company is provided with a structure that aims at ensuring sound and prudent management, risk containment and financially stability, by regularly controlling and assessing the appropriateness and effectiveness of the requirements provided for by applicable legislation and by taking prompt and suitable measures to address any possible deficiencies.

The aforementioned conduct is not permitted, whether assumed directly by the Companies, their bodies or employees, or assumed through intermediaries that act on behalf of the Company itself: consultants, continuative and coordinated consultants, agents, attorneys and third parties.

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The Group respects the environment as a resource that must be protected, for the benefit of the community and of future generations. The Group condemns, therefore, the establishment of relations with subjects whose behaviour is not based upon principles of ascertained lawful and ethical conduct.

Poltrona Frau pursues excellence and quality in its products through continuous research and innovation, while remaining faithful to a design that also reflects Italian style and tradition.

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Therefore, in line with the defined procedures, it promptly provides its shareholders with all the information that may influence investment decisions so as to allow informed and conscious decisions to be taken. Information and reporting: The corporate bodies and their members, employees, consultants and continuative and coordinated collaborators, agents, attorneys and third parties acting on behalf of each Company shall be informed about the Code of Ethics.

Respect for Basic Rights The Group shall respect basic rights of a human being in all areas of its operations and abide by international standards on basic rights.

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The corporate bodies and employees of each Group Company must comply with the laws and regulations in force in the Countries where the Company operates.

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Ethics and vigilance