Futility of coercive interrogation techniques essay

The rapport the interrogator develops with the suspect, coupled with his open-ended questions, tends to produce more information from the suspect than alternatives.

Futility of coercive interrogation techniques essay

Theologians, scholars, and mental-health workers visited the Maryland Psychiatric Research Institute, just outside Baltimore, to turn on and tune in, and similar programs began in Boston, New York, Chicago, and other cities. The Use Of Coercive Psychological Interrogation Techniques Essay - Now there are a few reasons why a person would falsely confess to a crime that they did not commit.

Treatises on interrogation in the public domain are written primarily for police departments and address the handling of criminal defendants—with all the necessary concern for protecting a defendant's rights. Dunn had never considered himself a superaggressive soldier, a "warrior type," and had never imagined himself in such a situation.

The effort produced a long list of dead and maimed, but no reliable ways of getting people to talk. Lilly was fond of injecting himself with LSD and then closing himself off in his tank—a series of experiments made famous in the film Altered States.

interview and interrogation techniques

Torture is a counter-productive means of gathering intelligence since no information procured through torture, or any kind of harsh, coercive treatment can be considered reliable.

Once a top-level suspect is publicly known to be in custody, his intelligence value falls.

Thus US policy guidance at high levels led to the torture of detainees by interrogators at the implementation level The interrogator may seek to trick the suspect by overstating the strength of the evidence the police have against him. Discovered by accident in a Swiss pharmaceutical lab in , it produced powerful mind-altering effects in very small doses. In India the police stick pins through the fingernails and fingers of prisoners. Although excruciating for the victim, these tactics generally leave no permanent marks and do no lasting physical harm. However, confessions may not be truthful. Perhaps not, perhaps the involuntary spasms are caused by the time spent awake. Even though the interrogator engages in strategic behavior in order to expose deception and prompt the revelation of information, the interrogator does not engage in threatening, demeaning, psychologically coercive, or minimizing behaviors. A pudgy, balding, round-faced man with glasses, who had served with the CIA before taking the State Department position, Black refused to testify behind a screen, as others had done. The rights in question are harder to identify than may first appear. The enemy would lie low, building strength, and then launch surprise attacks on South Vietnamese or U. These drugs could be administered surreptitiously with food or drink, and given the bleakness of his existence, they might even offer a brief period of relief and pleasure, thereby creating a whole new category of longing—and new leverage for his interrogators. How long has it been. You are a war criminal. An intimate of Osama bin Laden's, Sheikh Mohammed has been called the operations chief of al-Qaeda, if such a formal role can be said to exist in such an informal organization.
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Futility Of Coercive Interrogation Techniques Essay