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My great grandmother who I look up to and is the strongest person I know, is a two time Breast cancer survivor and she believes that the organization Susan G Komen has made a huge impact on breast cancer in women. Your speech topics have to express appreciation and evoke emotion in such a way that your listeners are able to identify themselves with the features of the event, place, group or person.

My dad has If you think you can, you can - or not. We often use speech to interact with other people.

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How you pace back and forth, maintain eye contact, smile, hold your posture, or control your facial movements, is an orchestrated art that speakers must know of, and practice.

Tell the story, magnify the way to success by using the method of repeating and resonating phrases.

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He said I could phone from his office. He took my brother and I on our first golfing outing to Southern Hills which a great time but we ended up having to use his golf balls as we lost all of the ones we brought It's a refreshing take on how to give a speech, where audiences are looking for a speech that makes them sit upright in rapt attention.

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Acupuncture needles are much smaller than the needles used for drawing blood or getting shots. Graduates, today you bring pride and honor to your parents,to your teachers, to your alma matter, and most of all, to yourself.

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Commemorative Speech Ideas to Inspire and Enlighten Listeners