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Scott Gilman. Dana is pulled back into the past whenever Rufus is faced with a life or death situation Her task?

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After putting out the fire, Dana asks Rufus if he remembers her. Dana only goes back in time when Rufus needs her help and each time she is there she seems to stay longer.

In the novel Rufus and Dana -the main characters- have a difficult time getting along. The scientific definition states that love is a reaction of an increased amount of Oxytocin, a hormone created by both men an women to serve as a mutual attraction between mates. For Alice, she was faced with the grim reality that she would have to have sex with Rufus for her survival.

Such as family and friends, the love they receive is a kindred kind that cares about their whole being and focuses on their state of well- being and the happiness you bring to them and vice versa. The author shows the impact of the history of slavery on the life of modern society.

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On the other hand, Dana has an immense amount of freedom in comparison to Alice, even to the other slaves. In the prolog, Butler opens the novel by revealing the ending of the book. In Kindred, Octavia Butler uses many different situations to show what survival means to her. The violence shown in these novels are intricately biased based on the connection to the gender, race, and cultural norms of the narrator. However, Sarah has her own method of resistance. Butler's Kindred - The book follows Dana who is thrown back in time to live in a plantation during the height of slavery. Are you experiencing academic anxiety? With the creation of Alice, Butler shows us that the past informs the present and eventually the future.

They were just a piece of property and not human beings.

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"Kindred" by Octavia Butler