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She wants people within the lower class and middle class to have good paying jobs.

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As a current member of the middle class discourse community I have one simple goal, to stay in it as I grow up or at least move up in society financial pyramid. Tom also looks down on people from lower social statuses because of his supercilious nature, which makes things more startling because Tom has an affair with Myrtle, who is a middle class citizen.

The dire situations of the economy led to the creation of a new class, the middle class. My family has never been exceedingly wealthy, nor have we ever been poor.

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How to pay for this? As of before the start of Obamacare the United States cut the middle class budget to help assist families with health careeaving middle class families in an lot of debt due to high medical cost.

It was a strange stirring, a sense of dissatisfaction, a yearning that women suffered…[Afraid to ask herself] is this all?

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Simple, says Dean. Working class people were wanting their children to finish college and climb the hierarchy ladder of income and opportunities.

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'a middle class Indian family'