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Introduction 1. Phase 1 is the period until the end of hostilities in Sri Lanka.

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Common political factors which affect the touristry industry are revolution, civil war, factional struggle, cultural force, spiritual convulsion, widespread public violences, terrorist act, countrywide work stoppages, protests, cross- national guerilla warfare, universe public sentiment, repatriation limitations, bureaucratic political relations, leading battle, high rising prices, boundary line struggles, high external debt service ratio and crawling nationalisation.

Bytourist arrivals were down to aboutIn the tourist arrivals numbered , and in1,, showing over percent growth in six years.

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The land area of the island is 65, square km with a maximum length of km and a maximum width of km. Fiscal Aid: Fiscal aid for hotel proprietors and any other profession in tourer sector would assist to make more employment chances.

The negative image of Sri Lanka is due to the wide publicity given by the international media about the civil disturbances and acts of violence.

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However, the descriptive analysis points to the continued low and declining impact of the industry on the overall economy in particular in the context of other countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Kenya.

During this period the growth in tourist arrivals was negative as expected. These hotels were renovated and were used as prime accommodation facilities for foreign visitors.

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Although there was negative annual growth of 14 per cent in , there was a rapid rise in tourist arrivals between and at a rate around 24 per cent per annum. Second, it develops a Computable General Equilibrium CGE model focusing on tourism and constructs a database with an emphasis on tourism. Deficit of skilled labour: As new participants enter the market, the jutting growing in touristry will be accompanied by deficit of skilled labor. Therefore, policy analysts cannot use official national income statistics to measure the impact of tourism on an economy. Last 30 old ages Sri Lanka besides faced the civil war and it affected the touristry industry of Sri Lanka. Other regions include Habarana , Giritale , Matale and Victoria. To measure the civil war influence in tourism sector, dummy variable has been included. Phase 2 is a peacetime marketing program that will be introduced by a marketing campaign.
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Tourism in Sri Lanka