Effect of the gangsterism of social problem

Daily reports appear in the written and electronic media about high levels of violence, physical and sexual abuse and gang activities. Approximately 20 are released annually with serious consequences.

Gang violence and gang activities impact all of those around the gang members. Then the father calls Rob's coach: Mr. Gangsterism and violence in schools was viewed as a symptom of our socio-economic problems of squalor and moral degradation. This is because, they afraid of been victims of terrorism.

You can then count on the active participation of community members in efforts to combat crime. Studying gangs is important because of unprecedented world urbanization, the retreat of the state under the pressure of neoliberal policies, the strengthening of cultural resistance identities, including fundamentalist religion, nationalism, and hip-hop culture, the valorisation of some urban spaces and marginalization of others, and the institutionalization of gangs in some cities across the world.

Gangsterism also can bring down the property value of neighborhoods from the violence and vandalism involved with gangsterism life.

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The VISION of Safe Schools is to develop schools into centres of excellence with strong community links, providing quality teaching and learning with effective governance and management and in so doing eventually combat the root causes of crime and violence. Law enforcement activities such as searches, seizures and raids of places like shebeens should be stepped up and continuous.

effects of gangsterism on society

The Department of Community Safety has recently adopted a people-orientated, problem-solving policing and community safety strategy for the Western Cape. This seriously impacts on teaching and learning. These marked lines of stratification in which social, cultural and spatial mobility is a central theme.

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Global effects of gangsterism and policing