Customer perceptions of online banking in malaysia

Lo Liang Kheng22 pointed out that the emergence of new forms of banking channels such as Internet Banking, Automated Teller Machines ATMphone banking and also maturing financial market and global competition have forced bankers to explore the importance of customer loyalty.

customer perception of e-banking services

The above considerations suggest that the researcher has conducted fair and clear methods for data collection and analysis for complying with the ethical considerations. I find internet banking facilities easiest way of financial transactions as compared with the traditional banking services such as ATM and credit cards.

Customer awareness towards internet banking

In a nutshell, to meet the emerging challenges banks have to undertake a series of changes in original, structure, functions, practices and marketing to popularize e-banking. In this regard, resolving security concerns is the most crucial factor in future for the development of internet banking services because customers perceive high risk in using internet for completing the financial transactions Lee, The results of the study are expected to provide a practical contribution in the area of e-banking services and in understanding customer behavior in the business-to-business financial services industry in the global competitive scenario. It may be inferred that there is significant difference among three bank groups with regard to the time customers have to spend to transact a business. Before processing further to evaluate the dimensions of internet banking, it is important to review its definitions proposed by different authors. These service dimensions are responsiveness, reliability, credibility, competence, courtesy, access, understanding the customers, communication, continuous improvement, ease of use, collaboration, accuracy, content, aesthetics, diverse features, security and timeliness. The internet has become a comparatively new medium of delivering or distributing internet services. It also discussed the basic motive of banks to adopt e-banking services. Qualitative exploratory research using questionnaire was applied. On the other hand, banks show high intentions to implement internet banking to reduce their cost which comes from paper work, quick response and efficient service delivery. In this way, this chapter also establishes a relationship between primary and secondary data findings. The study is exploratory in nature and uses factor analysis to identify the most important factors of customer satisfaction with service quality. Some participants who were below college level and were below high school qualified revealed that the internet banking is not convenient for them. In this respect, internet technology was found to be highly efficient for the banks to facilitate customers to transact directly through internet.

International Journal ofBank Marketing, 25 2 Defining Internet banking Internet banking has been explained by numerous researchers in different ways and thus it has numbers of definitions.

Belief, attitude, intention, and behavior: An introductionto theory and research.

Customer perceptions of online banking in malaysia

Pooja Malhotra and Balwinder Singh52 described the current state of Internet banking in India and discussed its implications for the Indian banking industry. Moreover, it is also self accessible by customers. Hernandez, J. Using structural equation modeling, the results of statistical analysis showed that the model is an adequate fit to the data. The results of this study suggested that gender, education and income of the customers are important factors which promote the use of internet banking services. Devi, P Ambiga investigated the level of awareness among the customers on the use of e-banking and their expectations from e-banking. Arpita Khare, et. An empirical investigation of internet banking inTaiwan. However, older age participants above 50 years did not find convenience in their lives because of internet banking. This will help the banking operations to be more cost effective. The author would also wish to send his appreciation to all research participants. Strategic alignment of business and IT strategies, planning and implementation of e-banking initiatives and management of benefits are captured, along with key contributions to development. Their study investigated several factors affecting adoption of EB. Validity and Reliability of Research In this particular study, the factors of reliability and validity of research instrument have been carefully considered. The development in technology has assisted customer to search the cost and time efficient modes of transferring money and paying bills.

A web survey was used with the subjects being internet banking users of Taiwanese banks. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. An exploratory factor analysis, followed by a confirmatory factor analysis has been applied on data collected from respondents in India using an online questionnaire.

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Understanding customer perceptions of internet banking: the case of the UK