College is a waste of time and money essay

College is a waste of time and money essay

Are these essay examples edited? The large sizes of the colleges have dented the quality of college programs and teaching. An associate, bachelors, masters, and so on, will help you with a career of your choice.

An example of this might be her money investment idea.

college is a waste of time and money argumentative essay

Not many will agree with this, as it is in the case of Caroline Bird. She describes how society has pushed students into getting higher education right out of high school.

And as he was learning all the necessary skills, the money would be gathering interest. Eric Digest, Let us know! Since this material is outdated, I find it hard to believe that most of the responses by students and parents quoted in the article still hold true.

Works Cited Bird, Caroline On top of that, graduates might not even work in the same field as they were studying for. It is an escape from the real world. It emphasizes that colleges can generate interest in its student population by enhancing teaching quality, ensuring good interaction between the students, peers and faculty, maintaining the intensity of the academic program and getting the students involved in the college experience Forest But now that I have grown up and did some thinking I want to stay and get my degree. The fact that she wrote her essay in the s and the issue is still being discussed upon up until makes her arguments more valid and strong which is may appear convincing to the targeted audience. As I grew up I was told our generation had to go to college to get a job that makes good money. Bird uses diction, tone, sentence structures, locos, ethos, and pathos to prove that college students attend college hoping to get a better job and people who decide not to go to college do not want to waste their time and money. Most helpful essay resource ever! The conservative Carneigie Commission estimated that five to thirty percent of students are in College reluctantly. Those who go to college, may find it to be a learning and self-developing experience. Bird disagrees with the the idea of high school graduates being forced to attend college since she believes that the chances of being successful without a degree are just as high as someone with a degree. Eric Digest, But if college is such a waste of time and money why would she go on to get her masters degree. He also said that being financially success is all about being lucky.
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College is a waste of time and money Essay