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But be careful projecting high profit margins as your numbers must be realistic believable to your audience.

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Startup exits should be positive and planned early. Again they would be looking for 10X Return, at a much larger deal size. Use these three steps as a guide and you should realise the best value for your hard work. Getting help from good advisers, or employing an experienced CEO to manage the deal process, can help business owners avoid costly mistakes and allow them to focus on building a relationship with the other party.

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Do you want a large lump sum for the business now or more money in the future, when the value hopefully goes up? A business that relies on a few customers can be considered high risk and therefore less valuable. In the investment scenario, the question is equally profound and reveals the ambition and credibility of the team and proposition. The investor sees no return until he cashes out, or the company is sold. It is part of the game and is to be expected! These FAQs answer the key issues on managing a family succession. Free Exit Strategy Template — this will help you be more strategic about the timing of your business decisions in step with the market waves and fluxes. Download The Different Exit Strategies Depending on your line of work, you may have one particular exit strategy, or you may have many kinds of such strategies for different contexts and at different times. There are two very real and practical reasons why you need to plan an exit: Outside investors want to collect their return. Your aim is to create a valuable, viable business that is attractive to potential purchasers.

Small Business Exit Strategy Template — this document is an initiative of an inclusion group seeking to educate small businesses especially vendors in starting well and ending well.

Our guide to creating and protecting value.

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Business exit strategies should not be confused with trading exit strategies used in securities markets. Alternatively, some vendors approach valuation by thinking the lump sum paid for the company should produce an interest income equivalent to the current lifestyle-maintaining income extracted from their company. Money Back Share Buy Backs In general VCs are not in favour of planning a scenario where their stake is bought back by the original team at a point into the future but it does happen in reality — this is effectively like setting up a loan arrangement and would not provide the return required. Shareholders are demanding, and liability concerns are high. Article Exiting your business may be sad, but it doesn't need to be stressful. The second one dealt with the Equity Investment landscape in Ireland with a key conclusion being that only a minority of businesses are relevant to VCs — it accounts for only 5. Read this to help plan your own supply chain strategies. Article Creating a valuable business means taking strategic decisions that have a lasting, positive effect. The Post money valuation would reflect this investment.

So what are the key factors to consider when planning your exit strategy, so you realise the full value of all your hard work?

Remember — not everyone is blessed with negotiating skills.

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That can be 25 to 50 per cent less than the business owner is expecting.

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