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Cao Cao hears that the alliance had collapsed and is overjoyed.

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The southern warlords knew they would be overwhelmed by Cao Cao individually, so they decided to unite and fight him together. As Huang Gai's "defecting" squadron approached the midpoint of the river, the sailors applied fire to the ships before taking to small boats.

From Su's particular reminders of "living in fear of more troubles", and "by your love for me, you will hold this Ode in secrecy", one has a sense of Su's fear as a result of being implicated in the emperor's displeasure over writings.

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Sun Quan's troops had suffered far greater casualties than Liu Bei's in the extended conflict against Cao Ren following the Battle of Red Cliffs de Crespigny —92and the death of Zhou Yu in resulted in a drastic weakening of Sun Quan's strength in Jing Province de Crespigny However, it was just a trick.

Following the initial shock, Zhou Yu and the allies led a lightly armed force to capitalise on the assault.

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The battle took place near the end of the Han Dynasty during the winter of AD.

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10 of Histories Bloodiest Battles: The Battle of Red Cliffs