Articles of confederation vs constitution essay paper

The Constitution in turn fixed this by making the upper house Senate give each state 2 votes and the lower house House of Representatives is based on population. The Federalists believed that the Constitution was so constrained that it posed no threat to the rights of citizens.

It provides research studies of the crucial challenges of eportfolio implementation - based curriculum if the project integrated mobility and virtual paradigmatic trend is evident in other parts of it products. Congress had no power to regulate trade between the states or internationally.

The AOC was thought of as an ineffective national government document, although there were some strong points.

Confederation and the constitution

These principles were therefore explicit from the perspective of life and the reading list, is listed in this way. This plan also called for the lower house to be elected directly by the people and the upper house to be elected by the lower house. The Articles of Confederation and the U. It was clear in order to get the remainder of the states on the ratification side that the government had to put a Bill of Rights in place. At this convention, delegates debated and finally decided that the United States needed a new form of government. In some ethnic groups are created equal. Reflecting on all governments of the past, they laid forth an impressive jumble of ideas that would lead the way to where we are today. To rectify these weaknesses, the Supreme law that would supersede any other in the United States had to be created. After the Virginia and New Jersey Plan delegates worked out a series of compromises between these competing plans. There were no federal court systems and all laws and court cases were handled by the state governments. Some of the weaknesses of these Articles were economic disorganization, lack of central government power, and legislative inefficiencies.

It also called for a plural executive branch and a federal court system like the Virginia Plan. The changes made in the structure of the government have great implications and manifestations in the policy choices and priorities of the administration in addressing the country's problems and national interest.

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the articles of confederation to those of the constitution

To ratify the Constitution it was determined that 9 of the 13 states had to agree to the ratification in order for the new Constitution to go into effect. The Articles of Confederation was created by the continental congress after the United States declared independence from Britain to describe the functions of our national government. However, taking into consideration the crucial significance of decisions made in times of peace and war especially in the maintenance of national security, the Articles of Confederation is perceived to give consideration and authority over the powers of every sovereign state enabling them to stand on their own yet tolerating fragmentation. The Constitution gives us Congress, and divides it into the Senate and the House of Representatives, becoming bicameral and more balanced in power The questionnaire was designed to meet these expectations. Rodgers, Paul. When the delegates of the states met in Philadelphia, it was a momentous occasion. This plan also called for the lower house to be elected directly by the people and the upper house to be elected by the lower house.

On the other hand, the Articles provided for a fragile alliance among the 13 states and thus led to a very weak federal government that could not attend to the economic, political, social, and security needs of the 4 million citizens.

The constitution came up with some strength whereby the government had powers to tax, provision of one army, acquiring of a common currency, and a common leader.

Although the Articles only lasted for a short while, it was still perceived to be important especially with its provision stating that sovereignty lies primarily in every state.

what were the strengths and weaknesses of the articles vis a vis the constitution
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The Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution essays