An analysis of the sinoatrial

This observation, coupled with the analysis of the difficulty that albinos have in accessing healthcare as stated earlier and the advanced state of skin lesions that we encounter in these individuals suggest that albinism in Nigeria is a public health concern.

This change goes to the heart of an issue that bedevils the valuation of capital assets.

An analysis of the sinoatrial

Knowledge of high risk anatomical variants of the SANa, such as an S-shaped artery, must be taken into account by surgeons to prevent iatrogenic injuries. Specifically, interventional or cardiosurgical procedures, such as the Cox maze procedure for atrial fibrillation, open heart surgeries through the right atrium or intraoperative cross-clamping or dissection procedures during mitral valve surgery using the septal approach can all potentiate the risk for injury in the setting of high-risk morphological variants of the SANa. Aims: This study aims to present skin cancers in albinos as seen by a plastic surgeon, sensitize the public to the magnitude of dangers that albinos are exposed to, highlight the challenges faced in their management and suggest strategies for improved outcomes. However, the high frequency of advanced disease at an early age may lay credence to the likelihood of high mortality. Figure 3: Example of relatively early skin cancer as seen in our service. Majority of the lesions were ulcers while some started as swellings that later ulcerated. Deleterious effect of ultraviolet rays from sunlight and nearness to the equator places the African Albinos at risk for skin cancer. The mean age of the patients was Settings and Design: A retrospective review of skin cancers among albinos was conducted at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Traditionally, albinos were not expected to live up to the age of 40 years in some settings; [11] however, with awareness campaigns and sun protection, they live for a considerably longer time. Study Design An extensive search of major electronic databases was performed to identify all articles reporting anatomical data on the SANa.

An analysis of skin cancer in albinos in Ibadan. Table 1: Number of lesions Click here to view Many of the lesions were quite large at the time of presentation, the mean of the widest diameter being 8.

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Their challenges therefore may have severe limitation on their ability to generate income for themselves, their family, and society and have adverse impact on the economy of the nation.

These conditions range from skin disorders arising from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays on the skinocular problems as a result of poorly developed visual axis due to lack of pigmentand associated congenital anomalies.

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Anatomical data regarding the artery were extracted and pooled into a meta-analysis.

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