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They propose that the implementation of the African Renaissance be correlated to the seven stages of the cycle of mission praxis. The BaTonka leaders recommended that a white calf be sacrificed according to tribal traditions in order to appease Nyaminyami.

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But you see, for instance, a part of what we think is that when we are dealing with the least-developed countries, I am talking particularly about the World Trade Organization, we might start from the position that the products of the least-developed countries should have duty-free access to all of the economies of the developed world.

When that is achieved the possibility of a new birth and a new dispensation becomes real. The debt problem has to be dealt with. Blemmyis a people so called, they have no heads, but hide their mouth and their eyes in their breasts.

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Mbeki proposes doing this by, among other things, encouraging education and the reversal of the " brain drain " of African intellectuals. The burden continues to weigh down. In Southern Africa where I am fortunate to live and work, trade with the eleven countries of the region is already roughly equal to U. It would seem to us vitally necessary that whereas, for some time, the achievement of these objectives has been left to our governments, it is necessary that we return this vision to the people. But the truth is that we have not travelled very far with regard to the projection of frightening images of savagery that attend the continent of Africa. In this way a proper understanding of the context, even though it highlights so many problems in Africa, need not necessarily lead to hopelessness and despair. For instance you might have seen this in Uganda, that part of the process of the development of the telecommunication infrastructure there is partly as a result of new investment that has been put into that sector by South African companies, as does indeed another telecommunication license I think that is coming in Uganda on which, again, South African companies are bidding. Mbeki:And so to the last question. We were present when the colonial and racist powers put up the most determined resistance to deny the people of Algeria, Kenya, the Portuguese colonies, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa their freedom. It is, therefore, the special responsibility of the church to investigate whether the AR is conceived to truly improve the lot of Africa's impoverished and exploited majorities, or whether it is another grandiose scheme to glorify the "strong men" of African governments.

It can be extremely useful in countering one of the most serious obstacles to an AR: endemic corruption. In fact the process of negotiations to bring about change began five or six years earlier. These leaders have a special responsibility to "read the signs of the times" in a "spirit of discernment", which is both predictive and interpretative of the actual events impacting communities at that particular time.

When such expenditure was questioned by social formations, many ministers argued that they had not broken any law. The question has been posed repeatedly as to what we mean when we speak of an African Renaissance.

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In our understanding, this has to be in-spired by a spirituality informed by the living memory of Jesus in his mission to announce the beginning of God's reign. Although Mr Mbeki has since lost his position as President of the South Africa, the debate is still ongoing. Some members of the department then developed it further into a five-point "cycle of missionary praxis" Karecki 8 and a seven-point "praxis matrix" Kritzinger , namely, 1 Spirituality at the centre , 2 Agency, 3 Contextual understanding, 4 Ecclesial scrutiny, 5 Theological interpretation, 6 Strategic planning, and 7 Reflexivity. Similarly, many governments throughout the continent, including our continental organisation, the OAU, have sought to encourage the Nigerian government and people to return as speedily as possible to a democratic system of government. How do all the dimensions of praxis relate to each other in these agents of transformation? I say this to emphasize the point that necessarily the African Renaissance, in all its parts, can only succeed if its aims and objectives are defined by the Africans themselves, if its programmes are designed by ourselves and if we take responsibility for the success or failure of our policies. You will be supported in answering the questions by some other experts here on stage, so no one in the audience should be afraid to pose even the most difficult questions, because there is a lot of thinking power from Africa in fact assembled here. In the world we live in today such an approach is no longer adequate, which gives rise to the need for careful strategic planning. With our colleagues we started developing this methodological approach in preparing a Study Guide for our first year students in the late s Saayman, ; Kritzinger, The purpose of this discussion is to provide meaningful avenues for Christian mission to become intimately involved in the AR. What aims do they pursue - in terms of personal transformation, the "planting" or extension of the church, or the transformation of the society at large? What kind of methods, activities or projects do the agents of mission employ or design in their attempts to erect signs of God's reign in that context? The only credible explanation for this conduct is their fear of other leaders criticizing them later in case of similar wrongdoing. It is probably best described as existential. The author with the statue's North Korean builders.

I say this to emphasize the point that necessarily the African Renaissance, in all its parts, can only succeed if its aims and objectives are defined by the Africans themselves, if its programmes are designed by ourselves and if we take responsibility for the success or failure of our policies.

As South Africans, we owe our emancipation from apartheid in no small measure to the support and solidarity extended to us by all the peoples of Africa.

Advertisement The colossal monument's Soviet-influenced, Socialist realism style makes sense when you consider that it was built by Mansudae Overseas Projects, a division of North Korea's government-run propaganda art factory.

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Renaissance and rebirth: A perspective on the African Renaissance from Christian mission praxis