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Why Teach Hedging? Nowadays the urinary symptoms are of a lesser order. Information and practice adapted from Swales, J. The lack of concrete initiatives to solve the pollution problem in Hong Kong is a clear indication that the Government does not take pollution seriously.

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By analogy, one can walk from one point in hilly country to another by a path which is always level or uphill, and yet a straight line between the points would cross a valley. The commitment to some of the social and economic concepts was less strong than it is now. Is he coming to class today?

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Check Your Answer Taking a lot of vitamin C will help you overcome a bad cold. In a study comparing scholastic aptitude among musicians and non-musicians, Phillips found a difference in the two groups, but once socio-economic class was taken into account the difference nearly disappeared Phillips, In Korea, hedges soften claims to minimize disagreements through subtly and a reliance on a shared understanding of the context. Modal verbs e. It might be suggested that. Answer Matching Hedges with Evidence Task Two The following sentences are overly assertive and may attract criticism if the evidence presented does not match the same strength as the claim. You may need to change other words too and also the form of the words in the brackets.

There is life on Mars. Rob: Grrrrr.

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Academic writing for graduate students: Essential tasks and skills. Try the following exercises: 1. Check Your Answer 3. The hedge is in the words 'it might be construed to reflect'. You will find an example below to help you make your first decision. Riekkinen, In a study of fuzzy logic, George Lakoff stumbled on the idea that some words and phrases intensify fuzziness or vagueness. There are cases where this would have been the only possible method of transmission. The questions help ESL students improve writing skills by learning how to hedge ideas with a variety of techniques. Bennett appears to ignore the impact of this change in medical practice on nursing services. Check your answer after each one to see how you are doing. Recent work on the religious demography of Northern Ireland shows a separating out of protestant and catholic, with the catholic population drifting westwards and vice versa. Lexical verbs e.
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Hedges: Softening Claims in Academic Writing