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What cautions should people have in viewing your conclusions? And keep in mind the certainty of some uncertainty.

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In some cases, the scientists must sign a written agreement not to tell journalists about their work except when the reporter has agreed not to violate the embargo. Once there, I was properly intimidated by the depth of knowledge reporters commanded as they grilled scientists who had made presentations. She served as co-editor of a widely used guide to science journalism, A Field Guide for Science Writers, published by Oxford University Press in and Someone else cites annual deaths, or a year death total. Just after writing this sentence, I received a tip sheet correction from Nature. Caution: TV talk shows often ask people to phone in their poll answers. Can we afford it? Go ahead and take that approach if your goal is mediocrity. And say what will or will not happen next. Is the claim believable, or is it based on biased or other questionable data? In addition mid-career fellowships for science writers are growing, giving journalists thechance to return to major universities for specialized training. Some read the news release, glance at the paper, and then call up the researcher and ask a few questions.

Other experts still debate what did in the dinosaurs. About a month later comes the APS meeting covering most of the other branches, especially astrophysics and particle physics.

Once any publication breaks an embargo, other media will no longer observe it.

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Telegraph, and the St. Far better is a prospective study that follows a selected population for the long term, sometimes decades. What are the numbers? It does require some healthy skepticism, and the ability to ask good questions about various things that can affect research studies and other claims.

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As news editor, I encourage all writers to come up with deeper analyses. Harlow — and the biography of an intellectual idea, the idea that love actually matters. In addition mid-career fellowships for science writers are growing, giving journalists thechance to return to major universities for specialized training. On occasion, journals have even prohibited scientists from presenting their work to other scientists at such meetings. Usually, review articles are not a source of news, but they can provide important background for putting new reports in context. And often: Is a more definitive study now needed? Since , when Indian physicist Satyendra Bose and Albert Einstein predicted it, physicists wondered if this quantum ice cube could indeed form. So science writers must be selective. To honor our agreement with Gage, we held off running the story for the next issue, and then again for the next. Give details that answer all the questions you can imagine a reader asking. But such journals usually also impose a gag order on authors of papers awaiting publication. Who paid for this poll? But here was a paper proclaiming that polarized radio waves preferentially twisted one way rather than another. The American Chemical Society pubs.

But some journalists especially nonscience journalists misunderstand this requirement. They send periodic e-mail alerts and maintain searchable websites.

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Consider any possible biases, intentional or otherwise.

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A Field Guide for Science Writers. Second edition