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There's a simple version for younger kiddos, as well as a more challenging option, where the "picture tiles" are mixed up. You can click on this image to download the lesson plans with hyperlinks to resources. Set the props out and invite the kids to use the manipulatives to retell the story. Math Activity Skill Covered: addition and subtraction Read the goat math story problems see download below to the kids and have them use counters to solve each one. I like when he got sleep because he slept good. We sometimes do this sort of thing with our older reading buddies. Use 21, 24 or 27 counters. Set them on the floor or table and ask the kids to make as many groups as three as they can. Add The Three Billy Goats Gruff variations to your reading area for the kids to enjoy for a week or two. Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Don't want to do a treat bag? Enjoy comparing the stories orally or create a chart to draw or write your comparisons. You could also adapt for other ages too. If your students are like mine, they will really enjoy sequencing and retelling with a "paper manipulative". I also got Fairy Tale cards that will come in handy during the week while we talk about the Three Billy Goats stories.

These aprons all come from the very sweet and talent Sandy Welch over at Kinder-Gardening. The troll pages are large circles with bigger graphics, while the goat pages come two on a one-page pattern.

three billy goats gruff

Holding the book and zooming in on the pages is an important part of reading. Because my little peanuts are absolutely exhausted, at the end of our day, I like to show some sort of very short educational video.

Three billy goats gruff printables

Use the patterns for a bookmark! Well that's it for today. Or, you can just pick and choose the activities that interest you. Kids can use paints, markers or crayons to create their scene on paper. Repeated readings help children to build comprehension, make connections, and develop of love of reading. When everyone is done, practice retelling by using the manipulative. When the groups are formed, ask the kids to count the number of groups that were made. Use 21, 24 or 27 counters. I have organized the ideas into a week long unit study of the book.

Encourage the kids to create a lush meadow of flowers that any goat would want to travel to. There are 2 wheel options to choose from: one featuring a troll, the other, the 3 billy goats.

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We sometimes do this sort of thing with our older reading buddies. The students wrote about their favorite part of the Three Billy Goats Fluff.

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Day 4 Language Activity Skill Covered: identifying story elements Study one of the illustrations in the book. Identify the characters and the setting of the story. PIN IT! Math Activity Skill Covered: adding to 3 Explore different ways to make three with unifix cubes or other small objects. Any of the projects make for a wonderful transition activity, after you're done reading the story. Wishing you a relaxing and stress-free day. Spread a teaspoon of goat cheese on the pear slice and sprinkle with a few dried cranberries or walnuts. Use the patterns for a bookmark! Use 21, 24 or 27 counters.

Day 3 Language Activity Skill Covered: retelling Provide props related to the story 3 goats of different sizes, a troll, and a bridge. Use the patterns for a bookmark! Additional Resources If you would like to add in some handwriting practice, I have also created these writing sheets see download below to compliment the book.

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